Tridact: Tridact

, the sublabel of Prins Thomas' renowed Full Pupp imprint has always pleased us with nice balearic nuggets (Windsurf, Hunee, Al Usher etc). This album by Tridact is bubblegum disco/house and even has some acid to nag on. Drop in and drop out.

Posted: 13.10.2011

Yann Tiersen: Skyline

The french composer and musician is widely known for the soundtrack he did for «Amelie». But ever since he evolved musically into even more interesting fields. We were some of the few lucky ones that saw him play an exclusive acoustic set last year and totally got hooked. His new album will definitely attract some new fans. Don't be shy and click «more» for a stream of one of the album tracks!

Posted: 10.10.2011

Axel Boman: Europa

When Stockholm based Axel Boman surfaced out of nowhere on Pampa Records last year we surely were awestruck. Stupendously good house music with so much sexiness to it. His latest release on his own imprint is not an inch less unappealing. The «Europa» EP even evokes the dream of an ideal club where only music like this is played.

Posted: 07.10.2011

Crazy P: When We On

Around since 1995 Crazy P (formerly known under the stupid Crazy Penis moniker) has been shooting disco rockets towards dancefloors hazardly. Their new album for 20/20 Vision is one of their best full lenghts to date. Sophisticated house music washed in soft smooth soul.

Posted: 06.10.2011

AM & Shawn Lee: Celestial Electric

Shawn Lee's output over the last fifteen years or so has been enormous. Mostly on the good side. Also his latest endeavour with LA based songsmith AM works pretty fine. A mesmerizing mash up of all different genres that shine under the sun. 


Posted: 04.10.2011

Finger Magazine

Issue 6

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Chromatics: Kill For Love

are finally back. After their very promising debut they took some time to come back with an album that finally shows the full potential of what Johnny Jewel & co is capable of. Where «In The City» left off ...

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